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Brand New!

Launching The Autoimmune Academy | Professional Mentoring Program | Begins January 2024


Lives Changed

I feel well!

I can honestly say that now, I feel well! I didn’t entirely trust this was even possible for me. One of the biggest changes I have experienced has been my attitude and I think this has contributed to my continued good health during and after my program. I would say...

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I am crystal clear on my triggers

"When I started working with Rachel and Robyn I felt I was at a complete dead-end with my symptoms. I was doing everything I could think of in terms of diet and lifestyle changes, but I was still suffering from psoriasis and bad period pain. I had an inkling that...

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I have my health back

"I first saw Robyn 6 years after my coeliac diagnosis. I was exhausted and despite strictly following the gluten free diet, not really feeing any better than before my diagnosis. I feel like Robyn really listened to me and understood how I was feeling, including my...

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I owe my life to Robyn

I got recommended to go and see Robyn when my doctors were struggling to find out what was wrong with me and had exhausted every avenue they could think of. Robyn is so warm, friendly and such a genuinely caring person. I was battling symptoms for years undiagnosed...

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Gentle But Powerful

My partner was diagnosed with M.E. at the age of 15, and is now 43. She is an extremely optimistic person and makes the best of things, but there’s no denying that she hasn’t had the bog-standard normal life, with various health crashes followed by slow recoveries....

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I Recommend Robyn Without a Moment’s Hesitation

I was referred to Roby Puglia in July 2016 as she has a specialist knowledge of unexplained illness and experience with Lyme patients. I had been affected by a myriad of unexplained chronic health conditions all of my adult life. In 2015 things got much worse with a...

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With an undiagnosed or unexplained illness you mustn’t believe either of the following things: That you must not be sickThat you can’t heal. — Zoe

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Very Quick Positive Effect

My daughter Zoe suffered a bad blow to the head while playing hockey in 2011, and has never been well since that day. She was eventually diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome and then Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We worked with doctors and the medical system and over 2...

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Kind, Considerate, Intelligent and Approachable

I approached Robyn out of desperation as my ten year old daughter, Abi had undiagnosed problems with her gut, which was affecting her immune system. My daughter was frequently ill and was missing as lot of school. Whilst we had the support of our GP, visited a...

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The Only Person Who Gave Us Solutions

I thank my lucky stars each morning watching {our daughter} go off to school with a spring in her step that we have you, you are the only person who gave us solutions to our problems when we were at rock bottom. I can’t thank you enough. — Janet, Mum of a Patient

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I Immediately Felt Better

After 16 years of almost daily suffering with Ulcerative Colitis, I started working with Robyn 4 months ago and I immediately felt better. The first thing I noticed was that I started to have very regular (1-2 per day, properly formed) and pain-free bowel movements,...

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