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Kind, Considerate, Intelligent and Approachable

by | May 12, 2017 | Testimonials

I approached Robyn out of desperation as my ten year old daughter, Abi had undiagnosed problems with her gut, which was affecting her immune system. My daughter was frequently ill and was missing as lot of school.

Whilst we had the support of our GP, visited a pediatrician and gastroenterologist, but whilst all helpful, none were able to provide answers to Abi’s unexplained illness and more importantly a strategy and solutions to help my daughter get better. Robyn provided the strategy and solution!

The result over the past two years under Robyn’s guidance has been that Abi has been diagnosed with various food intolerances, including dairy and wheat. Robyn has helped us address getting the ‘right balance’ of bacteria in Abi’s gut by using supplements and addressing Abi’s diet, which is an ongoing struggle with a fussy eater! Robyn was able to help us realise that we weren’t imagining Abi’s health issues and that something could be done to help her get better. Abi’s immune system is far stronger and this winter she has spent more time being well and in school than she has done for the past seven years!

The one thing I really like about Robyn is her wealth and depth of knowledge, she never abandons you when you need help and time and time again I am left in awe of her intelligence and sheer common sense that she shares. We have found Robyn’s help invaluable; it has been worth every penny!

I would not hesitate to recommend Robyn to anyone with an undiagnosed gut related problem; in fact I have already recommended several people who have all sought Robyn’s help. Lastly, Robyn’s demeanor is kind, considerate, intelligent and approachable, don’t hesitate to contact Robyn, you certainly won’t regret it!

— Nikki

Robyn Puglia

My mission in life is to share my knowledge in order to help people heal. I love to unravel the health stories and the biochemistry to get to the heart of the problem, and to help support nutritional and lifestyle changes that have the ability to transform people’s health. I have seen incredible changes in the health of my clients, and I hope to do the same for you.

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