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Brand New!

Launching The Autoimmune Academy | Professional Mentoring Program | Begins January 2024

Beginning January 2024

The Autoimmune Academy

Professional mentoring Program

Autoimmune Disease now affects 1/10 people in the UK

-Lancet. 2023

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Do You…


See more and more complex and autoimmune cases in your practice these days?


Struggle to know where to start with a very complicated or autoimmune case when there are so many things happening all at once?


Feel like you don’t have someone to ask questions or bounce ideas off when things are complicated or not going to plan?


Want to specialise, or already specialise in autoimmunity?


New to clinical practice or functional medicine but already seeing autoimmune patients or clients?


Feel like you don’t have time to do all the research needed for all the different aspects of an autoimmune case?


Feel like you don’t know enough, or don’t have enough tools in your tool kit for autoimmune and complex cases?


Have an autoimmune disease yourself, or have a loved one with an autoimmune disease?

Would you Love…


To feel confident about understanding all the overlapping issues in an autoimmune case?


To know how to start, and how to keep moving a case forwards when things aren’t working or results plateau or even regress?


To have a sounding board of experienced practitioners to workshop cases with, and to learn from their clinical experiences as well?


To have an expert, who has been immersed in the world of autoimmune disease and immunology for more than a decade, deep dive in to this subject and share what they have learned and know with you.


To have a comprehensive toolkit of tests, lifestyle tools and nutraceuticals.


Clinical Practice

Lab Testing


Nutritional Therapy & Functional Medicine

Robyn Puglia

I am Robyn Puglia – Nutritional Therapist and IFM certified Functional Medicine Practitioner specialising in Autoimmunity for 15 years in my clinical practice (and in my own life for 20 years).

I have been a prominent educator and thought leader in the UK on the subject of autoimmune disease for many years, teaching the autoimmune modules for many of the UK Nutrition colleges for many years as well as speaking and teaching about all aspects of autoimmune disease via a broad range of platforms in the UK and globally.

I am the UK head of education for Cyrex Labs – a specialist functional immunology lab that focuses on environmentally induced autoimmunity since 2013.

Since 2014 I have been mentoring nutrition professionals and MDs on all aspects of clinical practice.

I have been wanting to develop a comprehensive practitioner education and mentoring program that specialised in autoimmune disease for a long time, and I’m excited that the time to bring it to fruition has arrived!

Beginning January 2024

The Autoimmune Academy

Professional mentoring Program

Join me for an Autoimmunity Clinical Practice deep dive

The Autoimmune Academy offers a truly comprehensive all round support to your on-going clinical practice; for your confidence as a practitioner and the success of your interventions for your clients and patients.

2 Live Sessions Per Month

2 x 2 hour live, online education sessions per month for a year – excluding August and December. This will cover the science you need to know, practical clinical practice and case study learning, functional and conventional testing and diet, nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

Video Library

All of the live sessions will be recorded to watch and rewatch for your own learning, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything if you cannot attend part or a whole session for any reason. You will also have downloadable copies of slides and all other resources.

Private Community via Circle

Participants will be invited to join a closed group where we can come together to share information, discuss clinical issues as they arise, and communicate between live sessions.

Guest Experts

Alongside Robyn, you will also be learning from the clinical experience and expertise of a variety of guest speakers to create a wide and deep learning experience.

I am very excited to gathering a community of autoimmune practitioners around me and around each other, during a time when autoimmune diseases continue to rapidly rise in number and complexity, to guide and promote our ability to support successful programs for this community.

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We will be covering the immunology of autoimmunity, inflammation and tolerance in a way that is easy to understand and also explain to your clients and patients as needed
How to break down a case when it’s complex and how to get started

Autoimmune cases can often involved multiple overlapping dysfunctions and mechanisms, and people with complex autoimmune illness can be hypersensitive and reactive. We will discuss how to assess and break apart cases and organise the information, how to decide where to start and how to create a plan for working forwards through a complex case over time.

Food: How to Use Food as a Tool in Autoimmunity

People with autoimmune disease may have broken oral tolerance, polyreactivity or wildly different dietary needs from person to person. Moving forwards from the AIP days, we’ll be looking at which diet tools we can use and when, and how to assess food reactivity using testing when that’s appropriate.

The Mucosal Surfaces: the gut, skin, mouth, sinuses, lungs and genitourinary trct.
We tend to be taught to start and end out thinking at the gut, to ‘heal the gut’ to heal autoimmunity, but it’s a mistake to limit out thinking to the gut. Autoimmunity can start in the lungs or involve infection or dysbiosis on any of the hollow, mucosal surfaces. We’ll be learning what tools we have to assess and support the whole mucosal / barrier immune system.
Stress, Trauma and the Nervous System

I don’t think it’s discussed enough that there are two types of stress. Current or perceived stress, and historical stress which re-wires the nervous system. People with an ACE score of 2, have a 400% increased risk of autoimmunity. A hypervigilant nervous system equals a hyper vigilant immune system and so often just building in relaxation techniques is inadequate when it comes to creating real and lasting change in this area. Not knowing how to recognise or appropriately make changes to the nervous system can mean getting stuck in diet and supplement protocols that aren’t effective .

Mould and Mycotoxins

In this module, we’ll be covering how mould, mycotoxin and related environmental exposures can contribute to or cause autoimmunity. You will also be learning what to do and how to do it, to address overt or underlying mould and mycotoxin issues in autoimmune patients and clients.

Covid, Long Covid and Autoimmunity

The Lancet study concluding 1/10 in the UK with AID was done pre-pandemic. We will be exploring and understanding the mechanisms through which covid can induce autoimmunity and long covid and the tools we have for working with downstream autoimmunity and immune dysregulation.

Infections – Viruses, Yeast and Bacteria

Infections are among the best studied and understood environmental triggers of autoimmune disease -but infections or dysbiosis can occur at many stages of autoimmune development. How can we understand when infection is part of an individual’s autoimmune process, and how do we know if the issue is past, or current? How do we know which infection is causing problems? And how do we develop effective clinical strategies for targeting infection and dysbiosis and restoring healthy immune tolerance to our total microbial load? We’ll be exploring all of this and more in this module

Immunosuppressant Medications and DNIs

Many people with autoimmunity are prescribed immune suppressant medications and immunomodulators long term. Here we will be learning more about these drugs and drug classes, how to with with people who are taking these meds, which nutrients are depleted by the meds and how to understand drug-nutrient interactions and recommendations .

Adjuvent Induced Autoimmunity - vaccines and breast implants

In this module we will explore autoimmune breast implant illness, and also the science behind vaccines being both protective of autoimmune disease and also a potential trigger, plus how to support explant and vaccine administration should your clients and patients choose these procedures.

Registration Closed for 2024

The 2024 cohort has sold out.
Please sign up below to stay up-to-date on the 2025 launch.


What Providers are Saying

When it comes to the science of autoimmunity Robyn is amazing and her knowledge is second to none. She is constantly keeping abreast of the latest research with regard to this condition.

When it comes to explaining the complexity of autoimmunity she explains it in such a way that a six year old could understand it, no mean feat with this complex condition.

Her insight is how best to apply this knowledge in clinical practice is both inspiring and legendary.

If you are thinking of working in the area of autoimmunity I would strongly recommend her mentorship programme. My motto is learn from the best and Robyn has made autoimmune science her passion and life’s work to date.

Robyn’s insight & depth of knowledge in autoimmunity is beyond any other clinician or teacher I know of. She delves deep into the complexities of this topic, but gives manageable clinical pearls and remember-able analogies, that makes this one of the best courses of its kind.

If this is an area you wish to work in, then this is a supportive group you can’t afford not to be in.