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How to do Lymphatic Drainage Properly!

by | Mar 21, 2023 | How to Get Healthy, Mould, Toxins

Your lymphatic system is your secondary circulation system, responsible for draining wastes and fluids away from tissues for elimination. Lymph is also deeply connected to the immune system as it’s where immune cells and pathogens meet and concentrate for optimal immune communication!

Supporting the lymphatic system via dry brushing or other forms of at-home lymphatic stimulation is so important for health restoration in chronically ill people. Especially when there is any kind of mould illness, chronic infection or vascular issues at play.

If you have any puffiness in any area of your body, especially ankles or lower legs, abdomen, eyes, face or jaw, then this is for you! But really all of us should be doing lymphatic support every day in some form or another.

There are many many blogs and You-Tube videos talking about how to do lymphatic drainage and dry brushing. But over and above all of those, this is hands down my favourite and I wanted to share her with you!

Kelly Sturm (Reed) is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a certified Lymphadema therapist for oncology. She knows the lymphatic system inside and out and how to safely and effectively support this system even in the case of significant medical complications.

She provides many many free videos and tutorials on how to correctly support this system. Here are my three favourites that I use myself and share with my patients in my clinical practice.

How to correctly do Full Body Dry Brushing:

How to correctly do Dry Brushing for the Face

How to do Gua Sha for the Face.

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