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The Foundations of Health

My Signature Program

If I were to ask how your illness affects your life would you immediately think:

how does it not?

Yes?  Well, you’re not alone…

Maybe you have coeliac disease and your symptoms seem to be getting worse with time instead of better, meaning you keep turning down the dinner invitations, cutting out even more of the foods you love, and praying you don’t have to go anywhere without a toilet close by.

Maybe you have an autoimmune disease and you’ve tried to eliminate foods from your diet but struggled to reintroduce any without getting brain fog or muscle aches, or you’re taking prescription drugs that have given you terrible side effects.

Or maybe you’re in constant pain, desperately fatigued, or your body isn’t behaving the way you know it should and no one can offer you an explanation as to WHY. Which leads to sick days every month and lonely evenings while your friends go out without you.

And these don’t even begin to cover the negative emotions you may face every day


Crushed Confidence

Do you feel like a shell of your former self?


Do you feel you’re stuck in a downward spiral of depression?


Do you feel you make improvements and then more issues come out of nowhere?


Do you feel defeated before you’ve even got out of bed?


Do you feel you can’t live the way you want to?

I am back in charge of my body and my health

“With all the new knowledge I have gained, plus knowing how to apply it to my own situation, I am back in charge of my body and my health, and that is a wonderful feeling.”

I am dealing with someone who has given me hope

“I battled with health issues for years. I sought all the help I could through the NHS and some other independent health practitioners and I got better up to a certain point. Then I stopped getting better and slowly got worse again. I had literally tried everything and started to lose hope. I had found Robyn by looking for functional health practitioners and I was on her mailing list which I am so thankful for as when the this opportunity came up, I heard about it and did not hesitate. On this programme, I am learning so much. For the first time in years, I feel I am dealing with someone who understands, takes me seriously and has given me hope and more importantly the tools to help myself.”

Constant and amazing support

“I am feeling much better, but I know I still have a long way to go. The difference is I am not flailing around in the dark anymore, trying one thing after another randomly. I’m on a structured journey, there is a map and there is the constant and amazing support, experience and knowledge from Robyn.”

seeing results

“I am seeing results that I wasn’t convinced were possible.”

it has been a life changing experience for me

“This course has been helpful far beyond my expectations, which some would say were already quite high. Gaining an understanding on how the body works helps me understand why some things have an impact while others don’t. This in turn helps me identify the best way to achieve my personal health goals. Adding to this the group setting where other participant’s questions make me see situations from a different angle, I am seeing results that I wasn’t convinced were possible. I can whole heartedly recommend this course, it has been a life changing experience for me.”

I feel like my old positive, exuberant self!

“I feel like my old positive, exuberant self!”

This diet is so powerful

“After just 2 weeks on program, my elevated liver enzymes came down 20 points. I was able to make a fist which hadn’t been able to do for 18 months and spent 2 days in the garden, which would have been impossible 6 months ago due to back pain. After 1 month, my CRP came down from 10 to 2. I hope you know how much everyone appreciates your help and support. I just couldn’t feel luckier at the moment; this diet is so powerful it seems to have profoundly affected my moods and outlook.”

I couldn't recommend it enough

“I came to the Foundations of Health after an eight year journey of trying to work out what on earth was wrong with me. I was chronically exhausted (so exhausted that I’d ended up in hospital, literally unable to stand up without collapsing). My doctors had run countless tests, I’d worked with several different alternative practitioners, I’d tried CBT and sleep therapy and I’d eventually stumbled across a nutritionist who’d suggested cutting out wheat and dairy, which was the first thing that made any appreciable difference. However, I knew there was still a huge amount of work to do and I was overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there about autoimmune diseases, detoxing, elimination diets and so on. What I needed was a slow, steady approach to working on my health, based on a depth of knowledge about functional medicine, nutrition and a perspective that included both hard science and holistic health. I didn’t know if I’d find all of this in one place, but I found it, and more, in Robyn’s programme. I couldn’t recommend it enough if you find yourself in a similar position to how I was when I started – you’ll get one-to-one support, a small community of fellow-travellers and all the time you need to develop strong foundations for your health.”

Thank you, Robyn, for all the hard work

“I was diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) about 8 years ago. The GP told me that there was no cure for it and that I would have to take antibiotics and possibly consider having surgery when I had flare ups. I have had flare ups constantly at least once or twice a month, each lasting 2-3 weeks. The painful lesions were the size of a large grape and showed up under my armpits and groin area. When I had the flare ups I could not move around without my arms raised up because of how painful it was.

At night I would sleep with pillows in between my body and arms to make it comfortable for me to sleep. Every time I went to the doctor’s I was given antibiotics and painkillers but that did not help.The last major flare up I had before I met Robyn, was so bad that I was off work and the GP suggested that I consider surgery. I was at my wit’s ends at this point. I was tired of being in constant pain all the time and saying everything was fine when someone asked why I would wince every time I moved. I would be embarrassed when my flares would burst which meant I couldn’t wear white tops or hug people for fear of them seeing what was happening. I thank God for leading me to The Foundations of Health Classes. Robyn was very thorough in getting my history to explore the root cause. I have learnt a great deal in her classes on healing the body using just food and lifestyle. This has helped me tremendously! Since I started the course, I have had only 2 flares. Each was triggered by a lapse in the diet while on vacation. And these two flares were not painful, only lasted a week and the lesions were only the size of a small pea. Robyn has been wonderful in supporting me through this journey. Even when I didn’t stick to the eating plan she was there to encourage and show me how far I’ve come.

Whatever symptoms your sickness is throwing at you, and whatever emotions you experience as a result, I’m going to make an educated guess that you wish you could do any (or all?) of the following:

Stop thinking about or researching your health all the time
Go a whole day without pain
Feel in control of your body
Accept the social invitations without anxiety, excuses, or second thoughts
Take that trip
Reduce your stress
Live a NORMAL life
Get a good night’s sleep
Perform your job to the best of your abilities
Play with your kids
Say yes more than no
Enjoy eating again

The good news is this can be possible. I know you may feel you’ve already tried everything and nothing has worked, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer.

Maybe You’ve Already Tried…

Seeing a conventional doctor, who prescribed drugs for your individual symptoms rather than trying to understand the root cause
Seeing specialist practitioners, but haven’t experienced effective treatment
Researching your own symptoms, but been overwhelmed with conflicting information which only leaves you more confused and frustrated
Supplement after supplement
Seeing a conventional doctor, but they told you your issues were all in your head, or due to stress
Taking expensive health tests, but not known what to do with the results
Every diet out there, and eliminating many different foods completely, but are still struggling with health issues – and now don’t know what you should or shouldn’t eat!
A more holistic approach, like meditation or yoga

Not only are you exhausted by your health issues, but you’re also exhausted trying to fix them.

Especially because it feels like you’re the only one having to deal with these physical and emotional struggles, day in, and day out. If there was ever a time to be able to lean on a support system of people who know exactly what you’re going through, and who can pull you up out of those low moments when you think you just can’t deal with it anymore, it’s now.

Let’s take a look at one myth and one truth


Conventional medicine is the only option

Society has taught us that when we’re unwell, we go to the doctor, and they prescribe something to make us feel better. That’s fine, until 1) the doctor can’t explain why you’re sick or 2) the treatment doesn’t make you feel better.

The simplest way to explain conventional medicine’s approach to illness is that it aims to treat symptoms more than it aims to solve the root problem, which might be contributing to a number of seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Functional medicine doesn’t need a diagnosis to provide strategies for improving health. The body is an integrated and interconnected system, and functional medicine works with the body as a whole.  Nothing happens in your body for no reason and my job as a practitioner is to do the detective work and trace all the way back to the root cause of the problem (e.g. an old injury, bacterial imbalance, stress, a food) and work out what’s needed to support the body for it to function healthily. I then help people make changes to their diet and lifestyle that support underlying health and vitality of the body.


The foundations of health are the same for EVERYONE, and they don’t actually involve “treating your disease”

Yes, that’s really true. Even if two people’s symptoms are completely different, the foundations to optimal health are the same for them both. After years of working with many different complaints in my clinic, I recognised that the foundations that we needed to lay each time were the same for everybody, and there are four core areas that need to be addressed. No matter what. Of course, health support needs to be tailored and personalised to the individual, but the basics are still the basics.

So if you’re sick of being sick and tired of feeling failed by your efforts to get better, I would invite you to consider the program I’m about to tell you about. EVEN IF you feel your health issues are so lengthy and complicated you could probably write a book on them.

Introducing: The Foundations of Health

What this is NOT: a quick fix, magic potion, or 28-day “miracle”.

What this IS: a comprehensive and supportive program designed to lay the foundation for getting your health (and life) back where you want it to be.

Sound empowering? GOOD! It is.

You can’t build a house without having the foundations in place first.
The same goes for your health.
A proper foundation is resilient to the stresses and curveballs of daily life (and I’m sure you’ll agree there are plenty of those) but it can only be built one step at a time.
Having said that, foundations can be built faster and made stronger when you have people to help you through it. People who are going through it themselves. Who will listen to you, and guide you, and believe in you – even when you don’t believe in yourself.
That’s what The Foundations of Health is about. I’m here to listen, guide, and believe in you through your health journey, alongside an amazing group of people who can truly understand the pain and inner struggles you’re so desperate to be rid of, because they’re in the same boat.

I’m Robyn Puglia

Im one of the most experienced, and fully certified functional medicine practitioners in the UK–I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’ve learned a lot of things along the way!

For the last 15 years, I’ve completely committed myself to supporting people who, like me, struggled to get help when they needed it, first studying at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition for 4 years and then at the Institute for Functional Medicine in America for 5 years. Now I lecture for and mentor doctors and nutritionists and, of course, work in my clinic too. Fun fact: 20% of my clients last year were doctors themselves.

My 15 years as a practicing clinical and functional nutritionist have seen me support hundreds of people through their health issues and the foundational work we do together is almost always the same. Because of this, and because I can only take a limited number of private clients on at any one time, I’ve put together this program to empower you, guide you, and support you to put these health foundations in place too.

The human body is a miracle. Making it healthy when things have gone wrong is a journey, but you don’t have to go it alone.

The Foundations of Health

My Signature Program

Let’s Dig Deeper into What We’ll Cover Together

The Foundations program starts with The Deep Dive, which is a guided walk through your whole health timeline. Almost everything we need to know about how to get you better is found in the details of your story, and I’m going to guide you through how to tease out the details and join the dots.

From there you can choose to do targeted functional testing if you’re interested in that, and I will interpret your test results and make supplement recommendations for you. Then the body of the program is made up of 4 modules, each with 8 hours of webinars and 4 live q and check-in sessions delivered over 8 months.

All of this information has been meticulously planned to give you everything you need to be able to take responsibility for your body, your health, and, ultimately, your lifestyle. Even though it feels like your illness calls the shots right now, when you know the rules of the game (a.k.a. how to make a body healthy), you have the power to change that!

The Deep Dive
At the start of the program, you’ll complete a detailed medical questionnaire which we’ll go through together on a comprehensive one-hour call, just you and me. It’s a safe space where you can tell me everything and know that I’ll listen. Having this consultation at the start enables me to get a clearer picture of where your health is currently, what symptoms you’re dealing with, and where to place the most focus through the 8 months. This might be a group program, but the guidance is still tailored to you as an individual.
Functional and Investigative Testing*
Functional testing is available to support this program if desired. The Deep Dive will indicate what might be helpful or appropriate and I will personally interpret any test results that come in and make recommendations based on the results. The entire program is designed to be successful without any testing or supplements, or both of these can be added if preferred.
Module 1 - Food
Foods are literally the building blocks of the body. Your whole body is assembled from food, which is broken down by the digestive system and used in different ways for literally every structure and function that your body has. The foods that your individual body needs in order to function optimally will differ from the next person.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to diet, which is why there will be personalised food plans, which may involve elimination and reintroduction, created for you based on the work done and information gathered in module 1. You’ll then be grouped with a few other people on similar plans so you can support each other through the changes you’ll be making. Changes can be hard, but they’re always easier when others are going through them with you.

In this module, we’ll transform your relationship with food to find the balance between using it as a tool and eating for pleasure, which is a very important part of long-term health!

Module 2 - The Gut

How’s this for a blow-your-mind fact: more immune activity takes place in your gut in one day than takes place in your internal immune system in an entire lifetime. Translation? If your gut isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to make positive changes to your health. This is the case even if you don’t have any symptoms in the gut itself.

The gut is the place where you digest and absorb food, so if you’re not able to transform food in the way your body needs to function effectively, that’s going to have a huge impact on the way you’re able to live your life. You won’t have the resources to build new tissue, to repair damaged tissue, and to make energy to perform all the tasks you need to perform every day. That’s why all foundational work includes the gut. The gut is really the ‘heart’ of the body.

You may never have thought about this, but your gut is also the major exit for the stuff your body doesn’t need. Of course, that’s obvious if you think about it, but you may not have considered that if you’re not ‘going’ every day, then you’re not taking out the trash. And when this happens –especially if it’s a long-term problem –all that waste needs to be stored somewhere and it ends up getting recycled into your system.

Together over the course of this module, we’ll look at the 5 ‘Rs’:

  • Does anything need to be removed from your gut, e.g. a parasite or bacterial overgrowth?
  • Does anything need to be replaced in your gut: e.g. digestive enzymes, bile support, or nutrients to support digestion?
  • Does your gut wall or organ function need to be repaired?
  • Does your gut need to be reinoculated with healthy bacteria to restore the microbiome?
  • Does your body need rebalancing on the whole? 

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with these terms yet – I’ll be explaining everything simply and clearly.

Module 3 - Sleep, Stress, + Self Care

Self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Believe it or not, the topics covered in this module might actually be the ‘deal-breakers’ to you being well, even if your diet is perfect! In this module we look at the practical side of taking care of your body, paying particular attention to sleep and stress. You can take all the supplements in the world, but if you’re stressed and sleeping badly, your health isn’t going to improve.

Life provides infinite numbers of stressors but your body only has one stress response: using stress hormones. Even when the stressors are different, your body can’t distinguish between them. This means that every time your stress hormones are triggered, they override all your other bodily functions –like digestion! Remember how it all comes back to the gut?

The more stressed your body feels, the less able it is to do its job properly. We’ll look at how to reduce stress, improve sleep, and move your body to promote healthy function, as well as several strategies to ensure that you have the right mindset, lots of joy in your life, and you’re giving your body the best chance to heal.

Module 4 - Detox
In medical terms, this means how your body takes out the trash. Many of the waste products your body deals with every day are actually internal. Spent hormones, old red blood cells, metabolites from the bacteria in your gut, and of course the foods you eat all need to be processed by the liver and eliminated. On top of that, we are constantly taking in external things that need to be “detoxed,” too.

This might include prescription and over-the-counter medications, or unnecessary things like perfume or traffic fumes. Your body has to be able to remove the same amount as it’s making AND taking in, or it’ll end up with a surplus.

Having a surplus is common for people who are sick, especially if they have had long-term gut problems. This is not about the magazine and health spa “detoxes.” You’ll learn the role foods play in the different elimination pathways in the body (liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin) and how to support each pathway to optimise this process. We’ll also be taking a good look at the environment you live in to identify and reduce the exposure that might be adding to the burden your body is dealing with.

*Functional tests and supplements are not included in the cost of the program.

This is about much more than health education

It’s about how you can use that health education to make CHANGES to your lifestyle which, in turn, can contribute to making you feel well again. All while being surrounded by others who get it and who have your back on those days when the pain is worse than normal when you haven’t slept well when you can’t be bothered to cook, when your willpower is waning, or when you just need someone to talk to. If just the thought of having that kind of community support already makes you feel better, it’s no coincidence. It’s science!

Here’s everything that’s included when you sign up to The Foundations of Wellness:


the Fully guided deep dive

I’m so excited to be sharing this tool with you all. Walking through your health and life timeline is both an art and a science. It’s probably the most important thing I do in 1-2-1 clinical practice.

I feel strongly about the importance of the power of your story. It contains the secrets of your health and learning how to mine for gold is a skill I have perfected over years of practice. Your life and medical history are critical to understanding why you got ill, what variables made you susceptible in the first place, and what the triggering events were for you. Sometimes things that happened years ago are still affecting your health today. I don’t want them to affect your future, too. The Deep Dive goes through your health history in detail and I’ll walk you through how to complete the functional medicine timeline. This may then inform further investigative testing, and more importantly, it helps us see who YOU are and how you need to get started.


Classes are recorded for viewing at your own pace and at times that suit your schedule. I hold live Q and A sessions every 2 weeks to answer all your questions and hand hold you through anything you are experiencing.

Q and A sessions are also recorded and you can send me your questions or bumps in the road in advance so that I can include them and make sure you’re getting everything you need.


All module materials are downloadable

You’ll be able to access all the important takeaways from the classes in clear downloadable pdfs and worksheets.

Queue-jumping for my 1:1 packages

Once the program has finished, if you still need support on your health journey or have any unresolved issues, you get preferential placement on my waitlist.


Guest experts for each of the four modules

I’ll be partnering with four incredible experts throughout the program so you can be guided by them and their experience as well as me and mine!

Private Instagram group for support whenever you need it

I appreciate how isolating it can feel when you’re going through health issues that no one else seems to understand. This Instagram group will be a safe space you can come to for support whenever you need it and I’ll be on hand there with tips and check-ins most days.


A friends and family discount

If you want to take the program with a friend or family member, you’ll each get $200 off from the first month and 10% off any follow-up package if it’s needed (even if only one of you needs it). Money off and extra support, win-win!


A LIVE Fermentation class with me

I am delighted to be offering a live class on Fermented Foods and Prebiotics as part of this program.

Fermented foods can feel intimidating if you have never made them before. Having someone walk you through what to do and how to do it, demonstrating each step of the way, and troubleshooting what you are doing is a total game changer.

Cook along with me from wherever you are in the world and you’ll learn how to become confident and proficient at making your own live, probiotic foods. This will also be a chance to meet others in the program and for us all to chat together, as well as make multiple fun ferments.

I will run this class twice a year, but for me to be able to give the group personal attention, spaces will be limited to 10 each class. 

Are you ready to transform your health and have the best year learning with me???

12 Monthly Payments of $420

1 Upfront Payment of $5,000

Some A’s for Your Q’s

Can I just work with you 1:1?

In short, no. My waitlist is so long that I’m not currently adding any more names to it. This program is the best way to get direct access to me, within a group setting. You get a 1-hour private consultation with me and I’m there teaching and supporting you through the whole 8 months.

Plus, if you do go through this program, you get preferential placement for my 1:1 packages if you need further support. In other words, you can queue-jump!

Would it be faster to do this with you 1:1?

No! This program walks you through the exact same process that I go through with all my 1:1 clients and it’s not any slower in this group setting. The two big differences are 1) the cost –this program is much more affordable, and 2) the length of the sessions. A one-to-one package appointment is 45 minutes per session, but the groups are 2 hours per session. What I have been able to put into this program dramatically exceeds what I could teach you in a one-to-one format and I’m excited about being able to offer that to you!

Is there a benefit to working in a group?

Research has shown that working in a group is incredibly powerful and that those in support groups do significantly better from an immune system and health perspective. The health journey can feel lonely and isolating, and when you’re surrounded by others dealing with similar struggles and feelings, you don’t feel so alone. The group is there to inspire, encourage, and support one another, as well as share recipes, successes, and breakthroughs!

Does it really have to take 8-12 months?
I know that you’re desperate to feel better again but to give yourself the best chance of doing and SUSTAINING that, the process can’t be rushed. 8-12 months allows us to cover all of the fundamental foundational pieces to achieving optimal health without overwhelming you with information or tasks. There are no quick fixes I’m afraid. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth it!
Will this be relevant if I’m already making changes to try to improve my health? (Think vegan diet / going gluten-free / taking supplements / doing less intensive exercise.)

Absolutely. Health is a puzzle, and unless the foundations are built properly and in the right order, it’s going to be difficult to achieve improvement. I’m here to be your teacher, guide, and biggest supporter through your health journey.

Why haven’t you shared testimonials of patients you’ve worked with?

Full disclosure, as a functional nutritionist based in the UK, I’m not allowed to share any details of health transformations my patients have experienced after working with me. I’m not allowed to say that if you implement my teachings, you will see positive effects on your health. I’m not allowed to make any promises about the results you could achieve through this program.

BUT, as I can’t make you a promise, I will make you a pledge.

My Pledge to You

I will do everything I can to support you through your health journey so that you can feel normal again. So that you can feel like YOU again. That means listening to you, helping you understand what you read on the internet, encouraging a stronger relationship with your doctor, empowering you to make necessary changes that can optimise your health, and never disregarding your symptoms or struggles.

For me, you are not the anomaly, you are the norm.

If you want to be one of the people I support through The Foundations of Health, you can apply below

12 Monthly Payments of $420

1 Upfront Payment of $5,000